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Tile in Florida


Versatile and timeless, tile has long been a favorite flooring choice for homeowners and businesses. When buying tile, it's important to consider your design goals and the tile's specific use. Some tiles are made for commercial settings where heavy foot traffic and spills are inevitable, while others are perfect for your bathroom and kitchen spaces.


At Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer one of the best tile selections in the area, including floor and wall tiles, bath tiles, shower tiles, backsplashes, and beyond. Visit us at one of our three flooring store locations in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Saint Augustine, Florida.


Benefits of Tile for Florida Living

As the sunshine state, we experience a lot of hot and humid weather which can cause damage to other types of flooring such as buckling and warping. Tile is an excellent choice for Florida’s climate since it is heat and moisture resistant. Whether it’s a long day at the beach or a trip to one of the many national parks or nature reserves nearby, sand and dirt will inevitably find their way into your home. Thanks to its low maintenance, tile is a great choice since a simple mop or sweep is all that is necessary to keep your floors clean.

What Are the Different Types of Tiles?

There are three main types of tile: ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Ceramic and porcelain are made from a mixture of clay and other natural materials which is then fired in a kiln. Stone tile on the other hand is made entirely from a single slab of natural rock and stone.


Ceramic Tile


Porcelain Tile


Stone Tile


What Is Wood-Look Tile?

Wood-look tile gives you the ability to enjoy a natural hardwood look without sacrificing the qualities of tile. By using modern printing technology, a realistic wood-grain image can be printed on each tile. The print can also be made to create a custom wood-look tile that doesn’t mirror real hardwood or breaks up the typical pattern you’d see in a hardwood floor. Even the color of the grout between tiles can be customized into a natural wood hue that blends with the wood-look tile. 


Why Choose Wood-Look Tile?

Tile is much easier to clean and maintain than hardwood and comes at a lower price point. Typically, homeowners complain about hardwood not being able to resist heat or moisture, particularly here in Florida. Wood-look tile can resist heat and water, so you can have gorgeous wood-look floors in places like your bathroom or kitchen.


Where Can Tile be Installed?

Since it is water-repellent, heat-resistant, and beautiful, you can use tiling in many places around your home. Including:



Are There Kitchen and Bathroom Design Services Near Me?

We are here to help you design your next kitchen or bathroom in style and within budget. We take the stress away from choosing a new floor and deciding what needs to be updated and what you can keep. We are up to date on all the current kitchen and bathroom trends, and we can help you design a traditional, transition, or modern kitchen or bathroom.


Shower and Backsplash Wall Tile

Why limit yourself to installing tiles on the floor when you can also install them on the walls? Kitchen and bathroom renovations usually begin with a fresh coat of paint and new tiles for a backsplash or shower. Whether you want something simple and understated or bold patterns that stick out, wall tiles create a beautiful focal point for everyone to see.


What Are the Benefits of Backsplash Tile?


Can I Create a Custom Tile Look?

Yes! Tile is perfect for adding a custom look to your space that ties your interior design together. Whether you want a backsplash or an accent wall, we have you covered with a beautiful array of vertical tiling options. Wall tiles are lightweight and smaller, so you can create more intricate patterns and designs. We also can help you create a custom bath surround or tiled shower.


Should I DIY Tile Installation?

While we’re sure you can do anything you set your mind to, we strongly advise against installing the tile yourself. We have professional in-house installers to help you complete your tile project. After we have helped you find the perfect tile, we can help answer questions about installation and schedule a FREE at-home visit to measure your home.


Before any installation, we do moisture testing, especially in bathrooms and basements where moisture is most common. Our flooring experts can help you find what tile is best for places with a lot of humidity and moisture. Tiles are normally dry laid first to make sure they are correctly sized to the room, cut if needed, and then adhered to the floor with tile cement and grouted.


Is There Quality Tile Near Me?

We are proud to boast an impressive inventory of tile brands and Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive collections in Florida. As a locally owned and operated flooring store, we are members of the Carpet One cooperative, the largest flooring co-op in the nation. Thanks to our membership, we have superior buying power, which means we can bring you the same low prices you’ll find at big box stores. To learn more about tile, contact us to browse our samples and speak with our flooring specialists. You can also visit one of our three showroom locations in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Saint Augustine, or start shopping our tile inventory online now.



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Our Tile Warranties


Our tile warranties are designed to stand up against all the things tile cannot.