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Vinyl Flooring in Florida

Life in Florida is all about the vacation state of mind, and living a relaxing lifestyle means spending less time worrying, and more time enjoying. Having a floor that can manage humidity and moisture will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind, and vinyl flooring doesn’t disappoint. At Carpet One Floor & Home in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and Saint Augustine, Florida, we’re your local vinyl flooring store.


Why Should I Consider Vinyl Flooring?


Vinyl flooring spans a wide collection of products in all the styles, patterns, and colors to match your home’s personality. Available in hundreds of options, including vinyl plank that looks like your favorite hardwood and easy-keeping tile that looks like luxurious marble, vinyl flooring is a refreshing change that’s reliable for both residential and commercial settings.


Today’s vinyl flooring is nothing like the 1970’s style vinyl in your grandmother’s kitchen. It is made to be visually stunning, durable, and long-lasting. Our flooring professionals can help you find a floor that not only suits your home but also your lifestyle.


Which Types of Vinyl Flooring Should I Choose?


Vinyl flooring is sold in different formats: vinyl plank flooring and vinyl tile flooring.


Is My New Vinyl Floor Waterproof?


While all vinyl types have moisture-resisting abilities, only select products are considered 100% waterproof. Your vinyl’s wear layer determines its durability: a thicker wear layer makes for a longer-lasting floor. Waterproof vinyl flooring variations can tackle it all: extreme climates, moisture, mold, mildew, and heavy foot traffic. It creates moisture repelling barrier between your floor and subfloor, with a waterproof core preventing your floors from expanding or warping. Waterproof tile or plank is the perfect flooring option for homeowners with new or accident-prone pets. You should always keep in mind, however, that just because the flooring itself is waterproof, that does not mean your subfloor is.


Where Can I Install Vinyl Flooring?


There’s a vinyl floor fit for every space under your roof! Vinyl flooring is a wise option for home’s the most challenging spots, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms -- but you won’t want to rule out these stunning styles for your living room or bedroom. It can even be used in three- or four-season rooms in your home if they are properly maintained.


How is Vinyl Flooring Installed?


Many types of vinyl can be installed over an existing hard surface and will easily click into place. Although vinyl flooring is made for your convenience, it’s always wise to obtain professional guidance before embarking on any installation project. Our team can help you throughout the process, steering you towards the perfect products to suit your budget, style, and vision.


Vinyl Floors For Kitchen and Bathroom


Your kitchen and bathroom are constant hubs of activity and the rooms where you spend a vast amount of time. Vinyl flooring presents a wonderful option for setting a firm foundation for your home’s more hectic spots. Made to resist moisture and easy to care for, there are stunning vinyl selections for all style schemes. Since it’s made to resist mold and mildew, waterproof vinyl flooring is an excellent option for spaces prone to splashes, splatters, and moisture.


Why Shop With Us?


At Carpet One Floor & Home in Jacksonville, Orange Park, & Saint Augustine, FL. we have the latest and greatest vinyl flooring products. Specializing in both nationally loved brands and in-store exclusive brands, we’re proud to be members of the world’s largest flooring cooperative. This allows us to maintain our independently owned and operated status while offering unmatched prices and purchasing power to our customers. To learn more about our products and services visit any of our showrooms or start browsing our vinyl flooring selection online!



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Caring for Vinyl Floors


Vinyl floors are the perfect addition to

any home, and with the proper care

and maintenance, they will stay beautiful

for years.