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Carpet Flooring in Florida


Carpet remains one of our most popular flooring options for both residential and commercial settings. Why has carpet remained a timeless favorite? For one thing, it offers comfort that is unmatched, along with insulation and noise absorption. Plus, most modern-day carpets feature premium stain and wear-resistant technologies, so they can stand up to everyday life. Carpet flooring also has unmatched characteristics and style – there is no other flooring like it.


At Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer a huge inventory of quality carpets, from soft beiges and neutrals to bold patterns and designs. Our experienced flooring team can help you narrow down your new carpet selection based on your lifestyle and personal style. We also offer comprehensive carpet installation services that will leave you with a beautiful new floor. Visit us at one of our showroom locations in Jacksonville, Orange Park, & Saint Augustine, Florida, to see our latest carpet samples, or shop for carpet now!


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?


When selecting a new carpet for your home or office you'll need to consider wear-resistance and durability. Do you need a waterproof carpet that can handle spills and stains? Maybe you need a commercial carpet that will stand up to heavy foot traffic? No matter what your requirements, it’s important to choose a carpet that will look good and last long in your preferred setting. The first to consider is the carpet fiber and pile. Carpet is made up of fibers which are twisted into piles. There are many different types of fibers that are either natural or synthetic. The most popular synthetic carpet fibers are nylon, polyester, and triexta. Our natural fiber collection includes wool. Wool features several different benefits such as being a sustainable material and allergy-friendly.


Carpet Fiber Types


Nylon feels incredibly soft, and is typically treated with a stain-resistant coating. Built to endure, nylon fibers won’t fade from sun exposure. Nylon carpeting is a great overall option for both residential and commercial settings.


Polyester presents a more economical alternative to nylon. While there once was a time when polyester fibers didn’t offer the same level of stain-resistance, today the majority of polyester carpets are treated to keep most stains out.


Triexta is a synthetic fiber that works as hard as you do, offering heavy-duty durability and formidable stain resistance. Triexta has a rougher feel than other carpets, but its good looks are definitely made to last. It’s a natural choice for commercial environments, such as in waiting rooms, or hotels.


Olefin/polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that’s generally woven to create all of the latest trendy patterns. While stunning to behold, olefin fibers aren’t designed for heavy traffic. For that reason, these carpets fare best in quieter, more formal settings.


Wool fibers are truly a natural wonder, since they’re derived from sheered sheep. Wool is by nature resistant to moisture, allergens, and dirt. It holds tight to dyes, and can even filter dust particles from the air. While wool can be pricey, it’s a favorite of allergy sufferers.


Where to Install Carpet


Carpet can handle daily activity in your home better than you think. We offer carpets that are durable and long-lasting so you can live your life worry-free. The most common places to install carpet include bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. Other places you can install carpet are hallways, stairs, and even finished basements. Be sure to install carpet in areas with low moisture and avoid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. On top of many residential carpet collections, we have commercial carpets and carpet tiles for office and business settings.


Our Carpet Selection


We at Carpet One Floor & Home in Jacksonville, Orange Park, & Saint Augustine, are proud to be your neighborhood experts when it comes to carpet. As part of our selection of carpet brands, we have Carpet One exclusives such as Relax, it’s… Lees®, Tigressá® Cherish, and Innovia®. We also have many name brand carpets that you’ll recognize like Karastan®. Carpet One is the largest cooperative of flooring stores in North America. As a locally-owned business, our membership in the co-op gives us superior buying power so we can bring you the same low carpet prices you find at big box stores. That means you can feel good about shopping local at a small business that cares, while also getting the best deal on flooring.




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How to Clean Carpet Properly


You love your new carpeting, and want to keep it as pristine as possible. Extend your carpet’s lifespan with these simple tips.




Our Carpet Warranties


With some of the industry’s most competitive warranty packages, treat yourself to added peace of mind by protecting your latest carpeting investment.




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