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medium brown hardwood

Exclusive Brands




Tigressá® SoftStyle

With exceptional strength, ultimate softness, and beautiful designs, Tigressá® SoftStyle stands as the protector of your carpet’s beauty year after year.





Tigressá® Cherish

Tigressá® Cherish offers a satiny smooth feel, in a product with outstanding strength and durability made from the finest, most luxurious nylon available in today’s carpet.





Oath by Resista®

Oath by Resista® is the new generation carpet that provides ultimate durability, lasting softness, and beauty.




Innovia Xtreme Clean™

Combining softness with breakthrough stain prevention technology, we offer a carpet that cleans up most spills with plain water.





Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean™

The supersoft extension of Innovia Xtreme Clean™, this carpet offers silky softness with real-world toughness making clean-up quick and easy.





Resista® SoftStyle

The collection of Resista® SoftStyle carpet combines thick and thin fibers to create coordinating tonal styles with superior softness and stain resistance.





Invincible™ LVT

The premier luxury vinyl tile collection, offers beauty, durability, and easy maintenance, making it a perfect choice for today’s modern lifestyle.





Invincible XT™

Invincible XT™ offers 100% waterproof protection, durability, and high-end designer looks in a substantial, heavy solidcore construction.





Invincible™ H2O

Invincible H2O™ is a breakthrough in flooring, giving you waterproof protection, outstanding durability, and high-end looks of hardwood and tile.





Invincible™ Hardwood

The Invincible Hardwood Collection offers the authentic distinction of hardwood in a product designed to withstand years of use.





Rustic River™ Hardwood

The Rustic River Hardwood Collection offers rustic wood flooring featuring looks from high character to seasoned and weathered hardwood.





Hydrotek™ Waterproof Hardwood

Hydrotek combines the unique character of wood with engineered waterproof technology to deliver an unparalleled hardwood floor.





Relax it's Lees®

Combining product performance technologies, after-sale assurance, and a historical track record, Lees is the toughest carpet with outstanding stain resistance and style.





Lees® Studio™

Only Lees® Studio truly understands your personal style, giving you a collection of beautiful carpet that that will stand up to a lifetime of spills, wear, and tear.





Mirror Lake™ Performance Flooring

Crafted to endure any lifestyle, Mirror Lake Performance Flooring features waterproof technology that helps protect homes from accidents of any type.





Bel Terra™ Tile

With vibrant visuals and advanced design technology, Bel Terra Tile offers leading-edge looks of wood, stone, and travertine.














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